5 Easy Fixes for Getting your LinkedIn Profile Noticed

  1. Link to Your Other Online Profiles

Add links of your Twitter, Facebook (only a professional page!), personal website, and Accredible profiles on your LinkedIn page to maximize traffic to all your sites.  This not only shows viewers that you are tech savvy enough to use all these networking sites well, but paints a better picture of your interests and personality.

Remember, recruiters are real people who want to hire real people.  The more genuine (and awesome, of course) you seem in your application and online profiles, the more likely you will be noticed.

  1. Customize your profile URL

This one is pretty simple.  It is more likely that a searcher will remember linkedin.com/in/swatikumar16 than linkedin.com/pub/swati-kumar/36/4a4/254/ and the easier you are to remember, the more likely it is that you will be contacted.

  1. Fix your Headline

This is something I personally never bothered to do until recently, which I am sure hurt my chances of getting noticed on LinkedIn severely.  Until a few weeks ago, my headline was ‘Business Student at OSU’.

Imagine just how many people are business students at a university and how many LinkedIn headlines say that (hint: a LOT).  When someone searches you, your company, your school, or any other demographic you end up in, they will get a long list of names with pictures and a headline.  A name and picture can establish legitimacy and should be polished and professional, but your headline is what represents you as a person.

I am growing a career in Digital Marketing and am particularly interested in brand management and consumer engagement.  So my headline now looks like this:

swati linkedin headline

Definitely more noticeable than ‘Business Student and OSU’, and it says a lot more about what exactly I aspire to do in my career.

  1. Add Work Samples

Are you awesome enough at business strategy to build your own company?  Can you envision a brand like Steve Jobs? Can you build websites like you were born to do it?  Prove it!  Link back to your e-portfolio with every skill you list so employers know you really are the beast you claim to be.

On this LinkedIn profile, for example, each Coursera certification links back to the Accredible page with the work samples to prove it.

danny linkedin accredible links

  1. Be an All-Star!

LinkedIn makes it really easy to build your portfolio with prompts and examples.  The more full and put together your LinkedIn profile looks, the more it will look like you take your career and online presence seriously, and the more you will be taken seriously.  There is a little bubble in the right hand margin of your Edit page on LinkedIn that tells you what level your profile has reached.  Make it an All-Star so you get noticed like one!

linkedin allstar