6 New Courses Starting This Week on Canvas!

Canvas June2

Want to update your math skills?  Learn about Sustainable Energy? Maybe something about technology in a FLS? Well, you are in luck this week! With six new courses starting this week on Canvas, you are bound to find an interesting course to take.

Climate Science Connections: Water in the West

How will climate change affect the availability of water in the Western United States—where water is already the most precious natural resource? What water management challenges does the Western U.S. face? How do we manage natural disasters like drought, wildfire, and flooding? This course engages participants with cutting-edge science in exploring these and other questions about the intersection of climate change and water management in the West.

Math Refresher

This course is designed primarily for students who will be starting or restarting college within the next year. It will provide math refresher materials covering a wide range of mathematical concepts together with information about success in college. Incoming college students are typically placed in college math courses based on placement exam scores .The course will also be valuable for anyone who just wants to refresh their math skills. Each student will be provided a customized learning path that maximizes efficiency so that study time is spent where it’s needed most.

Sustainable Energy Innovation

Here is your chance to change the course of history! In this eight-week experience, you will begin developing profitable social and technological innovations to tackle our pressing energy and climate obligations. All of the assigned work in this course is designed to help you dream up and begin developing your own sustainable energy innovation. Your innovation may be a physical product, or a service. It may be a technical innovation, or a social one. It need not make you rich, but you will be challenged to at least make your project self-supporting.

Steam Camp

This MOOC is designed for teachers who may be interested in creating their own STEAM CAMP based upon a proven model created by Jennifer Miller and Sandra Wozniak. Their STEAM CAMP incorporated NASA MMS Challenge curriculum, along with other NASA MMS fabrication resources.The primary audience for this course are those who wish to conduct their own STEAM Camp or after school STEAM program. This MOOC consists of five one-week modules full of NASA MMS student resources that can be used during STEAM related educational experiences.

Technology in a Foreign Language Class

As educators and learners of foreign language(s), we want our students to be proficient and competent in a target language. The way technology is used in a foreign language class has a significant impact and influence on the success of our students. If you are a foreign language educator passionate about learning how to use technology in your class, this course if for you!  This course will provide Web sites and programs that may be used in traditional and online foreign language classes. The focus is placed on all skills, especially speaking and listening.

5 Habits of Highly Creative Teachers

The Five Habits of Highly Creative Teachers is designed to help educators transform creatively. Each week a new creative habit is explored. Through the examination and understanding of one’s own relationship to creativity, participants are encouraged to develop new habits that foster personal learning networks, content creation, and innovative learning practices that embrace curiosity, failure and reflection.

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