Adventures in Gamification: An Interview with Tom Benjamin

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To finish our series Adventures in Gamification, we have a special surprise for you!  Dr. Tom Benjamin, who teaches the Gamification in Education course on OpenLearning,  has kindly agreed to participate in an interview with Accredible to discuss Gamification, MOOCs and his future plans.  This was especially exciting as a student of his course as he […]

Adventures in Gamification: Wrapping it up!

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Welcome back!! Well, we’ve worked through the six modules that make up Gamification in Education.  We’ve learned a lot and had fun – but now comes the big question…how do we SHOW and TELL anyone what we’ve learned? By creating an e-portfolio to display your incredible learning!  During a previous course, I learned and blogged about e-portfolios […]

Adventures in Gamification: Week Six – The Active Ingredient in Games and Multimedia

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Welcome Back! This week marks the last week of Games in Education – Gamification on OpenLearning.  I hope you’ve had as much fun on your Adventure in Gamification as I’ve had – starting from the Introduction, strategic uses of games,  how to apply games in education, using scenarios as levellers, to the Hero’s Journey.  We’ve […]

Adventures in Gamification: Week 5 – The Hero’s Journey

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Welcome Back! We are into week five of Gamification (Games in Education) from OpenLearning!  So far we’ve covered what are games and gamification, strategic uses of games, application in education and scenarios as levellers. This week we will learn about the Hero’s Journey before we cover our final week of the course – The Active Ingredient […]

Adventures in Gamification: Week Four – Scenarios as Levellers

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Welcome back to Week Four! So far we’ve covered the introduction and trying to define what a game truly is, the strategic use of games and applying games in education. Phew! We are now into week four of six and are investigating the use of scenarios as levellers. What is a scenario? From Wikipedia “In […]

Adventures in Gamification: Week 3 – Application to Education

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Welcome back to Adventures in Gamification!  Previously in this series, we reviewed the Introduction of Gamification, tried to define what a game happened to be and talked about a few quotes from Tom Sawyer.  We also reviewed the Strategic Use of Games, discussing how to use gamification to reach adult learners, the magic of gamification, […]

Adventures in Gamification: Week 2 – Strategic Use of Games

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Welcome Back to Week 2 – Strategic Use of Games Thank you for joining me on my Adventures in Gamification.  I have just finished Week 2 of Games in Education: Gamification via OpenLearning and I am very excited to do so!  I first came across the concept in a course on designing Blended Learning courses and it stuck to […]

Adventures in Gamification: Week One – An Introduction to Gamification

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gamification Syllabification: gam·i·fi·ca·tion Pronunciation: /ˌ gāmifəˈkāSHən/ NOUN The application of typical elements of game playing (e.g., point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service: gamification is exciting because it promises to make the hard stuff in […]

Featuring: OpenLearning

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OpenLearning offers many fantastic, self paced courses.  This month we are featuring six popular courses – leaving you with the almost impossible task of picking and choosing amongst them!  It is tempting to sign up for them all at once!   Personal Branding:How to build & manage your image Offered by the very same Tom […]

Coming to Canvas in September: Part One


We are heading into September with images of bright yellow school buses, new backpacks and brown bagged lunches in our heads.  The school supplies are purchased, the first day of school clothes are picked out and the kids have decided who they will sit with in the class.  Ahhh…September and Back to School… But it’s not […]