Accredible now supports Open2Study


One of the course providers we’re most excited to partner with is Open2Study. Started in early 2013 in Australia, they are one of the newest formed online course platforms and feature almost 50 courses in subjects ranging from science to business and management to art and music.

The Basics

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 10.42.34 PM

Some of the classes available.

  • 49 courses in subjects ranging from science to business and management to art and music
  • 26 universities, mostly in Australia
  • 60% average required on 4 tests to receive certificate
  • Classes either self-paced or 4 weeks long
  • Courses run every 5 weeks
  • See enrollment statistics here

Badges & Gamification

Open2Study Badge

One of the first badge’s you get upon signing up.

Badges add a fun element to learning with Open2Study. Earn them for doing things like connecting social media accounts, filling out your profile, completing classes and more. If you’ve ever had trouble staying motivated with an online class this may help!

Robust Community & Peers

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 6.50.36 AM

Invite friends via Facebook, LinkedIn and email.

Friends: Invite people you already know to take classes with you.

Messaging: As soon as you sign up, find and connect with your fellow classmates to collaborate on homework or ask questions via Open2Study’s email-like messaging interface.

Forums: The entire Open2Study site has its own forum while each class has a smaller one ( but no sub-forums).

Social Media: Each Open2Study course has a Twitter hashtag that goes along with it and on the right-hand side of each course page is a live feed of Twitter mentions of that hashtag.


In addition, Open2Study has a very clear “onboarding” process (the way they show you how to use the website and it’s features) and after you finish a class you receive recommendations for classes to take next.

Open2Study is an excellent online course provider if you’re looking for a quick MOOC to take to get an overview of a subject, so head over to and get started and then tweet us the best evidence page you make!