Accredible supports OpenLearning MOOCs!


In addition to Open2Study, another Australian MOOC provider we are very excited about is OpenLearning. This platform, which started in the fall of 2012, allows you to not only take courses from world-class universities, but also create your own. You don’t even have to be connected to an institution! In addition, there are a few extra student-oriented details that make it well worth taking a look at.

The Basics

  • 84 courses in subjects ranging from science to marketing and Internet skills
  • Classes taught in English, Spanish, Dutch
  • Prices range from free to $249
  • Private courses available in addition to MOOCs


OpenLearning BlogEach OpenLearning account comes with a learning blog for you.

  • Always have all your notes in one place
  • Add tags to posts to quickly search and find them
  • Type up a quick post with the sidebar pop-up composer
  • Add posts to Accredible evidence pages

Many Popular Courses

openlearning karma


Global Entrepreneurship is a very popular course with students representing many countries around the world (as shown below) and a very active course forum!  Their Profs participate too!


openlearning leaderboard ramification



OpenLearning has a “karma” system that rewards you for contributing content (such as notes or surveys) and comments.

Each OpenLearning course page includes various learning tools, including some unique ones such as Projects, Class Contributions, and Groups.

This platform is a good one to try out if you want lots of choices and information, and the ability to quickly record your thoughts during class.

Head over to OpenLearning right now to get started!

Happy learning,

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