Coursera offers 28 Courses Starting This Week!

A few courses starting this week coursera

Coursera is at it again!  Bringing us lots of great courses to choose from.  Interested in Animal Behaviour?  Coursera has a course for that!  How about Statistical Inference, Reproducible Research or Getting and Cleaning Data?  They have a course for each of those too!

Check out these other awesome courses that are starting now!


Intro to Finance
business-316906_150Model Thinking
Exploratory Data Analysis
The Data Scientists
Toolbox Data Management for Clinical Research
Understanding Research Methods
Developing Data Products



Instructional Methods in Health Professions Education
Evolution: A Course for Educators
The Science of Safety in Healthcare
An Introduction to Global Health



Internet History, Technology, and Security   mouse-306274_150
Fundamentals of Rehearsing Music Ensembles
R Programming
Programming for Everybody
Practical Machine Learning


Introduction to Thermodynamics: Transferring Energy from Here to There
Organic Solar Cells – Theory and Practice
Introduction to Physical Chemistry





The Olympic Games and the Media   172px-Head_Platon_Glyptothek_Munich_548
Sustainability In Practice
Regression Models
Paradoxes of War
Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World


More courses are starting next week – check back to see the next round of exciting courses!