Founder’s Tip: How to Make Your Accredible Portfolio Stand Out


Your Accredible Portfolio is your personal hub for all of your qualifications – so naturally, you want it to portray what you know in the best light possible.  There are the obvious things to do, like uploading all your diplomas and certificates along with notes, projects, and work samples.  Accredible Co-Founder and CEO, Danny King, has another recommendation for taking your e-portfolio to the next level.

Taking a MOOC or continuing education class is a great way to build your knowledge base and skills.  But many times, these classes offer amazing lectures without accompanying projects or assignments.  Some people learn best by listening or discussing, so this is a great format for them, but it is difficult to provide tangible evidence of the fact that you finished the class and actually learned something.

In this situation, Danny recommends making a video log.  More often than not, a class lists key concepts to learn throughout the class in the syllabus or course description.  Making a few short (2-5 minutes) videos of yourself explaining each of these concepts is a simple, but effective way to show what you know.  If the class you are gathering evidence for did have assignments and projects, you could even put up a short video walking your viewers through what you did and how it demonstrates what you learned.

The number one reason alternative learning resources often don’t receive due credit is because it is difficult to verify completion of the learning objectives.  Danny’s suggestion not only rectifies this issue, but also gives you a chance to review the material yourself.

As a bonus, creating a YouTube account with all these videos makes you more visible online and shows how tech savvy you can be.  You can even consider going a step further by using the skills you learned in class to make tutorial videos.  Potential employers, educators, and clients will be all over that.