Health MOOCs Part 1: Personal Food, Nutrition & Exercise

Whether you are a cooking maestro or have only just gotten a handle on the toaster and rice cooker, whether you exercise every day or hate it with a passion, there is always something new related to nutrition and exercise that you can learn. Taught by world-renowned experts, these courses cover everything from basic overviews to in-depth study. Here are the courses you need in order to learn more about living the healthiest life possible.


openstudy food nutrition accredible mooc

Start off with a month-long introduction to food, nutrition, and how they relate to your health with a course from Open2Study called, you guessed it, “Food, Nutrition & Your Health“.

  • Self-paced, but contains 4 weeks of materials
  • Covers Chemistry & Geography of Basic Nutrition, Dietary Intake, Eating Disorders, and Healthful Nutrition & Menu Construction



coursera children food mooc

If you have children or work with them, check out Stanford School of Medicine’s Child Nutrition and Cooking, offered by Coursera.

  • Self-paced, with 5 hours of videos
  • Covers obesity risk & prevention, menu planning, and dangers of processed foods
  • Shows how to prepare specific meals & types of meals geared towards developing healthy eating habits in children



new nordic diet mooc

Curious about the latest research-backed “diet”? The New Nordic Diet is a new food culture developed between 2009 and 2013 and the Coursera class “The New Nordic Diet – from Gastronomy to Health” covers it in detail.

  • 4 weeks of material
  • Course already finished but all videos, recipes, etc still available
  • Covers the studies done on the Diet, what the Diet emphasizes, and its effects



coursera food exercise mooc

Regardless of if you consider yourself a “fitness freak” or simply enjoy keeping active, this final course, called Nutrition and Physical Activity for Health, will help you learn why exercise and healthy eating is so important.

  • Starts on June 16, runs for 6 weeks
  • Covers healthy habit-building, different sources of nutrients &    energy in foods, and the importance of calorie balance


So there you have it, 4 courses that are starting soon or self-paced, and will help you get started understanding better how food, nutrition, eating habits, and exercise play they parts in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Head on over to Accredible and add these courses to your To-Learn list!


Happy learning,

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This is the first in a 2-part series on health. Part 2 covers health on a more global level.