Introducing the new Accredible


We are really excited to announce the brand new Accredible! Our goal has always been to make any and all knowledge credible, regardless of where you learn it, and with this new update we’ve come one step closer to that. We have improved the community aspect of the site, as well as made it possible to showcase many more types of learning. We’ve also added lots of new features, fixed some bugs, and generally improved the speed and simplicity of navigating the site.

Meet other learners & talk to the community

You can now ask your course mates questions

You can now ask your course mates questions

Your online learning community is an important part of making sure you stay motivated and on track with your classes and we’ve added lots of features to help make it easier to interact with your fellow students.

You can now search for other users, which allows you to view their coursework and give recommendations.

In addition, you can comment and ask questions on each class’ page, and everyone who is signed up for that class will get notified.

All the best courses in one place

We’ve now added almost 7,000 courses and counting!

We’ve added even more MOOC providers to our course finder, bringing the total number of classes available to nearly 7000!

You can now add classes from Coursera, edX, Udacity, iversity, MRUniversity, NovoEd, Open2Study, Complexity Explorer, FutureLearn, and WorldScienceU.

We’ve also categorized the course catalogue to make your browsing easier. Search by subject, price, date, popularity and more!

If you think we should add other course providers (we are always on the look out!), let us know at

Personalized newsletter & course suggestions

The most interesting come to you!

The most interesting courses come to you!

Now as soon as you add a class to your ‘to-learn’ list, you’ll receive a personalized newsletter each week with other classes we think you’ll enjoy so you always have a steady stream of classes to take next.

You’ll also get reminders when your courses are about to start and updates on the trending courses across the major online course providers.

You can change your notification settings to enable or disable these emails at any time.

Custom classes and projects

You can now add custom courses, such as your degree

You can now add custom courses, such as your degree

Want to showcase a college degree, summer program, self-study, or other independent learning project you’ve completed? Now you can create an Accredible project for that to show the world and future employers what you learned and created. Upload your assignments, dissertations, transcripts, notes and anything else that adds to your credibility!

In addition to these four main features, we’ve fixed some bugs and added some functionalities. You can now:

  • Change your username
  • Change the types of email notifications Accredible sends you
  • Delete references you’ve previously approved
  • Vote for features to add (click “Vote for Features” in the user menu dropdown)
  • Search for other peoples’ Accredible profiles

The new Accredible is your central place for everything you need to learn online. Find new classes, connect with your classmates, organize your learning, and then showcase what you’ve learned and done. We can’t wait to see what you create, discover and share. And as always, send us an email at if you have any questions.

Happy learning,

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