Learn new programming languages with Udacity’s 1-year degrees

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At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference this year, a new programming language, called Swift, was introduced to supersede Objective-C in iOS development. Since this language is only a few weeks old, very few tutorials for it have been created. Luckily MOOC provider Udacity is at the forefront of this, with their new year-long “nanodegrees” in computer science. The iOS nanodegree will teach Swift, enabling you to swiftly (get it?) go to the forefront of new technology.

Announced today, a nanodegree is a program that can be completed in less than a year and without leaving your day job. Designed to provide both a timely as well as time-effective education for anyone with an Internet connection, they have been developed in conjunction with industry leaders including major tech companies and programming bootcamps.

  • Self-paced classes
  • Take 3-4 months if you can commit 20 hours per week, 7-8 months if you can commit 10 hours per week
  • Cost around $200/month
  • Include core classes, electives and a final portfolio projects

Front-end Web Development

  • Learn HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript
  • Develop good version control techniques to enable collaboration with other developers
  • Elective classes include Game Development, WebGL and Mobile Web Development

Back-end Web Development

  • Learn the ins and outs of how the Internet works
  • Manipulate and present data from databases on websites
  • Use Python to develop server-side applications

Data Analysis

  • Learn not only how to do statistical analysis on data, but also how to communicate that to non-technical people
  • Design and interpret A/B tests and other applicable instances of data analysis
  • Learn how to find patterns in messy, unorganized data

iOS Development

  • Learn the new iOS language Swift
  • Combine design and development to create user-friendly yet powerful apps
  • Take your idea out of your head and into the App Store


An Android mobile development nanodegree is coming later, and the first nanodegree will start in the Fall. Sign up to be notified when the first nanodegrees launch. They are a great use case for Accredible evidence pages!