Open2Study Courses for the Month of June

O2S June

Many Open2Study (O2S) courses run on a 4 week model.  This week, many of those courses are starting again!  O2S offers a great social learning platform with chat forums in each class and one for the entire site!  You can easily form connections with classmates and stay in touch through a private messaging system.  Plus, you can earn badges as you complete courses, watch videos, make connections, and post comments on the forums. And who doesn’t love badges or stickers?

O2S gamification

Courses starting this week:


Leadership: Identity, Influence and Power
Innovation for Powerful Outcomes
Principles of Project Management
Diagnosing the Financial Health of a Business
Strategic Management
Introduction to Business in Asia
Online Advertising
Human Resources
Financial Planning
Financial Literacy
Entrepreneurship and Family Business
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Emergency Management 
Introduction to Enterprise Architecture


pedagogy-194931_150Become a Confident Trainer
Early Childhood Education
Teaching Adult Learners
Education in a Changing World
Concepts in Game Development




Agriculture and the World We Live In
Microbiology and Forensic Science
Marine and Antarctic Science
Chemistry – Building Blocks of the World
Astronomy: Discovering the Universe
Climate Change
Basic Physics 



172px-Head_Platon_Glyptothek_Munich_548Becoming Human: Anthropology
Understanding the Origins of Crime
Contemporary Issues in Ocean Governance
Water in a Thirsty World
Indigenous Studies: Australia and New Zealand
Chinese Language and Culture
World Music
The Art of Photography
Writing For the Web
Foundations of Psychology
Sports and Recreation Management
The Art of Drawing & Painting




Big Data For Better Performance
Mobile Robotics
Mining Engineering


stethoscope-147700_150Food, Nutrition, & Your Health
The Human Body as a Machine
Introduction to Nursing in Health Care
Understanding Common Diseases